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Zomorrod ( Saman ) Gypum Co

History Of Zomorrod ( Saman ) Gypsum Co.

A: History gypsum Zomorrod factory 

Zomorrod gypsum factory established in 1967 in Tehran Jajrood area, under the management of the Tehran gypsum company after the purchase of furnaces and major components from Germany and started production with a capacity of 330000 tons of gypsum and 450000 square m of prefabricated components per year. Within a short time from its production and due to available potentials Zomorrod production was no longer able to meet the increasing demand of customers, and thus expansion project introduced and accomplished in 1987 increasing the capacity to 510,000 tons per year.



In the late 60s, due to scarcity of resources and rising costs of all plants based on the evaluation of experts and in agreement with the relevant organizations the factory moved to Semnan Province Garmsar region 120 kilometers south of Tehran adjacent to huge gypsum quarry with a purity of 99% and in an area near to ​​250 thousand square meter and re-established



(B) new management

Private gypsum factory (Zomorrod) was purchased in 1992 by new management with more than half a century of experience in this industry with 5 production lines:

Line 1: a rotary kiln with a stirrer which is made in West Germany for quick hardening production of prefabricated plaster components.

Line 2: Rastband furnace which is one of the largest and unique gypsum production lines in the world and made in West Germany. with a capacity of 1,500 tons per day and the production of gypsum multiphase and anhydride 1,2, 3.

Line 3: a rotary furnace with a capacity of 700 tons mixing system that has the capability of producing plaster for construction process. This furnace construction is designed and built according to the German sample.

Line 4: production of prefabricated gypsum plaster walls in different sizes.

Line 5: Line for the production of prefabricated plaster ceiling that has the capability of producing over 100 different designs.



(B) resource

Semnan province has one of the most richest and unique gypsum mines in the world. Saman Gypsum Company (Zomorrod) with sufficient awareness of the importance of raw materials in addition to the presence of large deposits of gypsum in the area with 5 mines 99% purity abundant storage, has a long lasting peace of mind.

(D) Production

1. Gypsum

2 High Grade Plaster ( white wash )  40-Kg package in green bag and bulk

3. Grade one gypsum (undercoat) in 40-Kg package in red bag and bulk

4. micronized Plaster  (fines) in packing 33 Kg in blue bag

5. Gypton (plaster for concrete and cement surfaces)

6. plaster and prefabricated items for ceilings and partitions


(E) the quality of the product

1. Excellent quality and purity of 95% to 99%

2. professional and active staff

3. world and domestic standard production line

4 utilizing the most advanced laboratory equipment in accordance with the latest international standards continuous quality control on raw material and final product.



(C) goals

Zomorrod is the first manufacturer of gypsum plaster in the country and today is proud to announce that is the first gypsum factory utilizing inverter, PLC and computerization of the devices which can be controlled along with the development of gypsum industry in the world to implement new innovations immediately.

The R&D unit researches on the light ceiling panel to replace the polystyrene panels these products will soon be in the line of production.

 (C) Conclusion

We are proud of having a fair share in the production of our country and  always believe in customer‘s satisfaction.